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Pool & Spa Recreation Area - Renovation & Improvement Project
($120/Unit Special Assessment Proposed)

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Update (4/1/2013)
Please Note: The homeowner approved 'special assessment' for phase 1 of the pool and spa upgrade project which added $10 per month for the past fiscal year 2012-13 has ended.

Summary (2/1/2012)
The Board of Directors is recommending the implementation of Phase 1 of the Pool & Spa Recreation Area Project as depicted on the enclosed color Design Plan by using existing reserve funds ($59K) to remove the trees and correct the safety hazards on the concrete walkways and composite decking and is recommending a Special Assessment of $120 per unit which together will provide for the much needed upgrading of the Pool and Spa area.

 Then (circa 1980)                                                  Now (10/13/2010)
circa 1980    
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We recognized several significant safety and damage issues in the pool/spa recreation area last summer and began taking steps to determine the best overall resolution. The root systems of the large Sequoia Redwood trees have grown under the sidewalks and pool deck, heaved and broken the slabs creating trip hazards, and may well be advancing towards the pool shell infrastructure and plumbing. If the roots were to compromise the pool, it would be a very expensive repair. The trees have grown so large that the sun is blocked from the pool deck for most of the day.

Pool trees       Pool trees

The composite decking material in the hot tub area has failed prematurely. It has warped and buckled, creating trip hazards, due in part to the original concrete substrate and deteriorated wood framing beneath it. The Board decided to use this opportunity to retain Design Workshop to assist in considering our facility, these issues and provide alternatives that would additionally improve the aesthetics, traffic patterns, usability and functionality. Design Workshop provided three alternatives, which, after review, were condensed into one preferred design plan, and a line item construction cost estimate ($300K) developed. We are confident that we can manage the project and complete much of the work with our staff at a reduced cost. The plan lends itself to being completed in phases, with the trees and the spa deck area being in the Phase 1 priority area.

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As you can see on the enclosed color design plan, 4 of the 5 Sequoia Redwoods are proposed to be removed from the area; however, it may be best to remove all 5. Unfortunately, there is no alternative to remedy the invasive, destructive root systems, and the related problems will only continue to get more extensive and expensive. On the positive side, removal of these over-sized trees will expand the usable area, improve aesthetics and allow the sunlight to reach the sundeck as it should. The spa composite decking area is designated to be completely removed and a stamped concrete patio installed. These two tasks are considered essential and must be done to remedy the safety issues and prevent additional damages from the invasive tree roots. Money has been allocated in the 2012-13 Reserve Plan to address these required renovations ($59K), along with much of the demolition, disposal and tree removal clean-up work to be provided by our maintenance staff and temporary labor.

The upgrades and improvements proposed in the preferred design include moving the hot tub towards the south, near the location of the tree closest to the Clubhouse slated for removal, and constructing it in the ground. This would remove/replace the unsightly above ground hot tub as the first thing you see when you enter the area, and which also has safety concerns of its own. This would open up a larger deck area that could then be utilized for seating and possibly a gas fire pit feature. To improve access, it is proposed that a central set of stairs be installed off of the upper deck near the new hot tub area to provide a straighter path to the playground and tennis courts, and for ease of moving between the pool and new hot tub areas. Some new landscaping to create a pleasant and comfortable environment and irrigation work will also be needed in this area. Based on review of the cost estimates performed, we will need approx. $40K for the improvement components in Phase 1. Additional funds may be necessary for future Phases, depending on what and when remaining plan components, i.e. the pool deck and perimeter areas, are selected for renovation.

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The recommendation was made to the Board of Directors at the January 21, 2012 Meeting that the large Sequoia Redwood trees should be removed as soon as permits are granted and the winter weather subsides. Our maintenance staff would then remove the broken, uneven concrete sidewalk leading towards the playground. The stumps and root systems would be removed, especially in the area of the proposed relocation of the in-ground hot tub. In the event that the location does not reasonably lend itself to the hot tub installation, alternatives will be brought back to the Board for consideration and direction. The construction season is short in the Tahoe Basin and we want to ensure completion of the Phase 1 project before winter weather returns. If the new spa location works, we would contract with the hot tub supplier to install the tub, while leaving the existing tub intact and operational and the pool area open. The Board could approve the landscaping desired and staff could work on the irrigation, planting and non-disruptive parts of the project. After the Labor Day holiday, our maintenance staff would perform the demolition and disposal of the composite decking and old hot tub. The new plumbing and electrical connections would be made to the new in-ground Spa and the new concrete patio areas poured and stamped. If all goes as planned, the new area could be open by Christmas 2012.

After discussion, the Board of Directors unanimously agreed and directed that a package be sent to the Membership detailing the proposed Project and to call for a $120 per unit Special Assessment to cover the costs of the improvements, subject to Membership approval as required by Lake Village CC&Rs. The Board indicated that, if approved, the Special Assessment could be paid all at once or in $10 or $20 monthly installments, at the Owners’ choice.

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