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Bears and Trash

Due to many, many of Lake Village's Bear Proof Trash Containers being raided this winter and reports of a particularly large bear who has been tenacious enough to learn how to remove the "S" hooks from the tops of the containers, the Office made a call to Carl Lackey, Nevada Department of Wildlife bear expert. Mr. Lackey chose to bring a trap and set it up on property on Friday afternoon, March 6, 2009.

Maintenance found a large bear enclosed in the trap on Sunday morning, March 8. The bear was taken to an offsite location to be tranquillized, collared, weighed, etc. and Mr. Lackey reported that it was the second largest bear captured in this area weighing in at 585 pounds. The bear was then returned to the area and released, at which point behavior modification was applied.

Please make sure your guests and tenants are well informed about Association Trash Policies.

The Maintenance Staff encounters many problems during the week including: containers that are not secured with the "S" hook attached to your Bear Proof Trash Container; un-bagged trash in the container; over stuffing the container; trash left outside the container.

Douglas County Code Enforcement Officer, Jay Hoogestrat, has also become aware of the problems that we are experiencing and intends to issue citations and fines to homeowners who allow wild animals access to their trash. The Association is doing all we can to help you secure your trash, but we do need your help!

Here are some links to a wealth of information on the Black Bears living in our area and how you can help "Keep Them Wild" and "Be Bear Aware".

Nevada Division of Wildlife:

US Forest Service:

The Bear League:

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This is just as the bear was released.

Bear on the road

And being pursued by the specially trained dogs.

Bear on the road with dog