Lake Village Sign
A nice place to visit, an even nicer place to live!
Did you know?

Mail from the Post Office (USPS) is not delivered to Lake Village residents. They must pick it up at the Post Office. There is no charge for a Post Office box.

Douglas County, Nevada, home of Lake Village, was formed November 25, 1861 prior to Statehood.  Named for Stephen Arnold Douglas a US Orator and Statesman (guess that means he talked a lot, just like a lot of statesmen today).

Where did the name "Tahoe" originate? It came from the Washoe Indian word "Da-ow-a-ga".

Washoe Indians had discovered Lake Tahoe and called it: "Edge of the lake", Da-ow-a-ga on their native dialect. Explorers interpreted the name as “Tahoe”.  The lake had several names: "Mountain Lake" and "Lake Bigler".  In 1945 Lake Tahoe became the official name of this beautiful lake.  Click Here for more information.

Why do some units in Lake Village have garages and others don't?

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