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Homeowner's Insurance Information

The Lake Village Homeowners Association maintains property insurance, as well as earthquake insurance, that provides blanket coverage for all residence buildings at Lake Village plus the clubhouse, commercial building, maintenance building, fences, tennis courts, pool and spa.  This includes:
  • fire damage
  • water damage
  • earthquake damage
  • liability (does not include residential buildings)
  • based on each unit's square footage

Our 2017 Insurance Agent is Ron Wright of Menath Insurance. You can reach him by phone at 800-756-6507.
His email address is, website:


Here is a summary as of April, 2017:

Aspen logoNew Aspen Specialty Insurance policy for Lake Village

  • deductibles:
    • $10,000 deductible for all covered causes of loss
    • covers to original (Standard) specifications
    • owners are responsible for their own upgrades and betterments

How to maintain a good low-cost policy and avoid unnecessary claims

  • prevent water damage (majority of these claims are avoidable)
  • maintain units heat at 55 degrees or higher
  • turn off water when the unit is vacant in winter periods
  • most of the “frozen or broken pipe" claims can be avoided

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