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Tennis Courts at Lake Village

Exclusively for lake village members & their guests, residents, and vacation renters.

Open 9:00am to dusk, weather permitting.

White soled or tennis shoes (made specifically for playing tennis) are required. Dark soled or running shoes are not allowed.

The two courts located to the south of the clubhouse (accessible through the clubhouse) are primarily for serious tennis players. Recreational tennis players are encouraged to use the two courts located to the north of the clubhouse, behind the maintenance building.

Courts can be reserved for two hours at a time and will be forfeited at 10 minutes past the hour. Limit of 2 hours per day per residential unit.

Reservation sheets are located outside of each set of courts.

Tennis rackets (up to 4) and balls are available for a $5.00 use fee. Substantial collateral is required.

All four courts are closed during winter conditions.

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Tennis courts

Tennis courts

Tennis courts