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Snow Removal Procedure (revised 09/14/2010)

In an effort to maximize efficiency and minimize inconveniences, we have implemented a plan for continued snow removal. Our first priority is to keep the primary roads, which are Lake Village Drive and Clubhouse Avenue, passable. The remaining roads, courts and driveways are a secondary priority. Stairs and walkways will begin to be cleared as work progresses on the secondary areas. However, they will be prioritized based on the need to access “CRITICAL”, “URGENT” and “ROUTINE” classifications of residents, as described below.

We have purchased colored reflectors and will distribute them based on the following conditions:

        “CRITICAL” - Red Reflector - Residents with health problems or critical care needs.

        “URGENT” - Blue Reflector - Residents with the need to routinely travel, i.e. work, school and
                                                  residents with difficult access areas

        “ROUTINE” - No Reflector - All other circumstances unless the Association Office is notified in advance.

Please be patient, especially during periods of heavy snowfall. We will utilize all available manpower and equipment as well as temporary snow shovelers in order to get everyone plowed and shoveled out as soon as possible. Temporary snow shovelers will begin work throughout the complex, subject to their availability, when at least four inches has accumulated and snow is no longer falling. Please call the Association Office if your circumstances change and we will make every effort to prioritize your request.

Units that are not occupied full-time will have their entries cleared based on notification that the unit is scheduled to be occupied. The Association Office must be notified via fax or phone by the homeowner or their rental agency at least 48 hours in advance of any arrivals.

Red and Blue reflectors, which can temporarily be hung outside the unit, are available in the office for use only when the unit is actually occupied for a period of time. These reflectors should be returned to the office upon departure, otherwise they will be removed by staff when the unit is vacated. We recommend that you have a snow shovel at your unit as we may not be able to get to everyone depending on the conditions and available manpower. It is also advised that you have ice melt available, which is available for purchase at the local hardware stores, and in smaller containers at the Lake Village office.

In order to adequately service residents and guests we urge homeowners not to abuse this system by posting a reflector at a unit that is not regularly occupied or rented.

In heavy snow conditions many units will develop very large icicles hanging from second or third floor decks and roof eaves.  These can be extremely dangerous when they break off and fall.  Be aware of this hazard.

Remember: In case of an actual emergency please call 911 immediately!

For a printable copy of this procedure:

PDF logo Snow Removal Procedure 9-2010.pdf     MS Word logo Snow Removal Procedure 9-2010.doc